Beka Solo to perform at HeatWave Classic


BekaBeka Solo is a female Native Rapper/Singer, writer and Producer.

Beka Solo grew up in a small community in Nemiah Valley an area surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.
Beka has been influenced by music for her entire life! It all started with Rock,’n Roll because her dad and uncles were in a band. There are stories of her falling asleep onstage while the band was playing. At the age of 14 she started writing poems as a form of therapy, it was a perfect way of escaping reality. Through poetry Beka launched her career in Hip hop and rapping.
Like any other artist, she started off shaky and has pushed herself to improve. She moved from her small town and her comfort zone to live her dream and make music.
Currently Beka is attending the Art Institute of Vancouver, taking the Professional Recording Arts Program. She specializes in producing and mixing music. After graduating and receiving a Diploma, she plans to further her Education and go for her Masters Degree.
The HeatWave Classic is excited and proud to have her in our performance line up.

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