Who is HeatWave?

HeatWave was born in the isolated mountains of Lesotho, South Africa.  Shortly after his family escaped Idi Amin’s Uganda in the 1980’s, a nun delivered  their only son and named him Motsami, “the traveller.” To travel is to translate, and HeatWave has lived up to his birthright.  His gift is not merely to state a message, but to cause it to be relevant.  He’s brought it to the far reaches of Haiti, Columbia and New York while remaining grounded in Vancouver’s east side; a versatile mixture of swagger and substance, HeatWave is making an impact on both the commercial and underground scenes.

Discovered by Red1 of the legendary Rascalz in 2006, HeatWave has spent the past several years making his presence in the Killawatt Records family known.  He can’t help but create a buzz: christened “Canada’s next big export” by DUBCNN, his concepts of struggle, of family and of making something out of nothing have come to characterize the young MC’s tone. He effortlessly captures the flavor of the West Coast with aggressive and upbeat rhymes, a variety of lyrical motifs and musical styles. HeatWave’s debut album is due out in the near future, and is sure to be an extension of the mixtape vibe which Abort Magazine called “a solid effort of epic beats, sincere sentiments and ballsy self-hype.”

Five mixtapes later, he’s shared the stage with Damien Marley, Nas, Akon, Rihanna, RZA and Ice Cube to name a few, and is currently working with childhood friends Defenders of the Faith on a new African Kings album. Not one to limit himself, HeatWave also works within a vast network of B.L.O.C.K.S.T.A.R.S, – Black Leaders Overcoming Criticism with the Knowledge to Succeed Through All Restrictions – as a socially active presence in the West Coast rap community; in 2009 he teamed with Britannia Community Services Centre and MoreSports to host “The HeatWave Classic,” a block party and basketball tournament for youth. On a constant grind with his sights set high, HeatWave’s presence is felt in inner city schools, clubs, stadiums, political rallies and street corners alike.

Currently HeatWave is working on a solo album as well as an album with his live band the Vandettas.


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