Little Rita is set to open the HeatWave Classic concert

ritaMelanie Lecoy AKA Little Rita is a motivational speaker, is on the path to being a family and community counsellor, she is a mother of 5 and a solo hand drum and spoken word artist/performer.

The HeatWave Classic is honored to have Little Rita set the tone for our concert.

to hear her spoken word and to read more about where she’s coming from and where she is going you can read the Vancouver Couriers article.


A big thank you goes out to Discreet Da Chosen 1

june-slide-1The HeatWave Classic wants to give a big shout out and thank you to Discreet Da Chosen 1 for connecting us with Beka Solo and Zach Saunders. One of the many initiatives Leeland Askew AKA Discreet is involved in is the Songweavers Studio program hosted by Kaya (Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association). The Songweavers Studio program was developed to empower the voice of Aboriginal Youth, preserve culture & pass traditions from one generation to the next through advancements of modern technology.

Both Beka Solo and Zach Saunders have participated in this program.

We will be featuring a post on KAYA next!


Zach Saunders is in!

zachZach’s musical career began at age 14 when he received his first guitar for his birthday. Since that day he has continued to write new lyrics, sing new melodies, strum new chords, and play whatever he can get his hands on. He’s performed next to dumpsters at local fast food restaurants and moved his way up to performing at venues such as the Norva in Norfolk, VA and being featured on 96x Fm radio station.  He is humble yet confident and will no doubt achieve his dreams. To hear what he has to offer check him out on soundcloud.

Or visit him on  Reverbnation.

His influences include:
John Mayer
Jason Mraz
Dave Matthews Band
Justin Timberlake

Beka Solo to perform at HeatWave Classic


BekaBeka Solo is a female Native Rapper/Singer, writer and Producer.

Beka Solo grew up in a small community in Nemiah Valley an area surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.
Beka has been influenced by music for her entire life! It all started with Rock,’n Roll because her dad and uncles were in a band. There are stories of her falling asleep onstage while the band was playing. At the age of 14 she started writing poems as a form of therapy, it was a perfect way of escaping reality. Through poetry Beka launched her career in Hip hop and rapping.
Like any other artist, she started off shaky and has pushed herself to improve. She moved from her small town and her comfort zone to live her dream and make music.
Currently Beka is attending the Art Institute of Vancouver, taking the Professional Recording Arts Program. She specializes in producing and mixing music. After graduating and receiving a Diploma, she plans to further her Education and go for her Masters Degree.
The HeatWave Classic is excited and proud to have her in our performance line up.

Iguana back for the 5th annual HeatWave Classic

IGThey were there from the start. Iguana, formerly known as Youthful Exuberance and then Generation Gap have entertained HeatWave Classic participants and guests with their passion for music.

Often performing original works and sometimes adding their personal flare to classics like Basketball Jones; Iguana is always one of the top acts to follow.

Core members and brothers Isaiah Terrell Dobbs and Jarah Terrel Dobbs are both born and raised in Vancouver’s East Side and have been playing, writing and filming since the early 2000’s.

Natasha Pheko will be performing at the 2013 HeatWave Classic

natNatasha Pheko a recent graduate of Van Tech Secondary and winner of a complete  4 year program scholarship at Berklee College of Music will be performing for us for a second time. Last year Natasha performed as part of the duo Supreme Shadow Superstars and this year she’ll be hitting it solo!

A Singer, a model (for the Liz Bell agency) and a writer; Natasha is actively pursuing her dreams.

Check her out on Youtube.

We are grateful that she’s volunteered to support the HeatWave Classic!